1949 Patent to E.E. Gilmore-Lam Mounting
Historical Photos and Information
Gilmore Looms
1032 N. Broadway Ave.
Stockton, CA 95205-3928
Phone: (209) 463-1545
Older Gilmore "Compact" series loom with side brake release.
Gilmore "X" frame series loom sales pamplets.
1940's Gilmore Looms sales catalog.
1962 Gilmore Looms price list.
Mr. Gilmore at his loom--1985 Handwoven
1954 Gilmore Looms sales pamphlet
1933 Patent to E.E. Gilmore-first patent on jack loom
1996 Ad for original Gem series loom
1934 Letter from Meg Atwater to Mr. Gilmore
Mr. Gilmore with an early Gem series 16" loom
1941 Patent to E.E. Gilmore-Harness Control
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12 foot wide jack loom and old photos
A Collection of photos
1980 Article about Mr. Gilmore and Gilmore Looms