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Gilmore Portable Loom Stand
This stand is made of hard maple and mounts to the bottom of the Gilmore Inkle Loom, the Gilmore Wave, and will fit other table looms. It is easy to mount with 4 screws to the bottom of any table or portable loom with a solid bottom of at least 3/4 inch thick. The length is adjustable so you can use your loom while sitting in a chair, or couch. It can also be used to weave vertically on a table. The pivot axles can be adjusted so they swing tightly or loosely. This makes it easy to work from a sitting position and allows you to rock back and forth with your weaving movements. When not in use the whole assembly folds up under the loom and only adds about 1 inch under the loom.
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Gilmore Bench
The Gilmore Bench is made of solid hardwood maple. The top is 13 1/2 in. x 30 in.. The bench is tilted to the front making it easier on your back and to allow more comfortable treadle contact. Bench height is 22 1/2" in the front and 23" in the back. The drawer has maple ends and poplar sides and It slides through both ends for easier access. Price Information

Gilmore Spool Rack
Made of solid hardwood maple, this spool rack has TEN - 3/16" steel pins that can be removed individually. Each pin locks in so the turning spools will not release it. Each section will hold 3- 4 1/2" paper or plastic spools, or a total of 30 spools altogether. In addition there are 4 pegs on the bottom that will hold yarn cones. Combined with the Gilmore Tension Box you have a perfect way to do sectional warping. Price Information
Gilmore Horizontal Warping Reel System
   The Horizontal Warping Reel allows you to easily make a long or short warp. The reel bars are 30" across and almost 2 yards around. Because it is horizontal the warp does not slip down, and to wind your warp threads all you need to do is turn the reel. There are 2 lease crosses that can be put anywhere on the Reel section to start and end your winding. The amount of warp varies by thread type, and width. (For example 12 yards of 300 strands of 5/2 pearl cotton can easily be measured).
   You can control whether the reel spins freely, turns slowly, or locks with an adjustable friction brake. 
   The Warping Reel system is made of two sections, the Reel and the Stand. You can separate the two sections by simply lifting the reel out of the slots it sits in. 
   The Reel section spokes are securely locked open by tightening wing nuts and washers on both sides into locking depressions (Photo 1). Turning the wing nuts and washers out will release the spokes and the top will fold into a width of 10 inches (Photo 2 and 3).
     You can collapse the reel after removing it from the stand. Or collapse it in the stand, either with the feet turned outward (Photo 2) or release the feet and turn them long ways to set the Warping Reel against a wall (Photo 3). 
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To reduce shipping costs this item is shipped with the reel bars and many parts disassembled.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
12 Yard Warping Frame

Gilmore Bench
Portable Loom Stand
Advice for Weaving with an Inkle loom
Spool Rack
Horizontal Warping Reel
Warping Boards
Warping Wedge
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The Warping Frame is extremely strong and will hold 12 yards. It is designed to allow a lease cross at the bottom, the top, or both. The basic frame is made of 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch thick poplar.  The outside dimensions are 29 inches x 38 1/2 inches. The 20 dowels are 7/8" hard maple and extend 6 inches up from the frame. Each of the thick mortise and tenon joints are held together with two screws plus the locking action of the corner dowels making it rigid and strong.
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Small Collapsing 3 1/2 Yard Warping Frame
Perfect for short or narrow warping projects, Wave looms, Inkle Looms, and table looms. Made of beautiful grained oak hardwood with a lacquer finish. The 4 parts easiy  slip together to form a strong frame tightened securely with easy to turn knobs that also serve as feet. The 12 dowels are 1/2" hard maple and extend 5 1/2 inches from the frame. The outside dimensions are 22" X 20".
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Boat Shuttles:
A1. & A2. (above) Both pictures are of the Double Shuttle. It can either hold one long bobbin (A1) or can hold two small bobbins (A2). It is 1 1/4" high x 1 7/8" wide x 16 1/2" long.
B. (above) The medium shuttle holds one small bobbin and is 1 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 13 1/2" long
C. (above) This is a small shuttle that is still large enough to hold a small bobbin. It is 1 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 10 1/2" long.
D. (above) This is a small "K" shuttle. It rides well next to the reed along the shuttle race, taking advantage of the most shed. It also holds a small bobbin and is 1 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 10 1/2" long.
Gilmore boat shuttles are handmade from hardwood maple.
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Rug and Stick Shuttles
Rug Shuttles are handmade from hardwood maple
and maple dowels.
Stick shuttles are handmade from poplar.
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A. (right) The Large Rug Shuttle is 1 3/4" wide x 2 5/8" high  x 20" long.
B. (right) The Small Rug Shuttle is 1 3/4" x  2 5/8" x 10" long.
C. (right) The Stick Shuttle is 1/4" thick x 1 1/4" wide x 13" long. (unfinished)
Inkle Type Shuttles These shuttles are made from maple, hickory and other beautiful hardwoods. Price Information

Wave Loom Shuttles  are made with a flat edge to turn up and hold the shed, and a tapered edge to pack the weavings.
Big Wave Shuttle..15" long
Small Wave Shuttle.. 11" long
Mini Wave Shuttle.. 6" long

The Warping Wedge is another need-to-have tool for warping. A Warping Wedge placed under the frames or shafts will lift them in a stairstep pattern.  In this position it is easy to see which frame's heddles you are working on.
A Warping Wedge can be placed to lift front to back or back to front. It will work on all Gilmore looms.
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Warping Wedge

Gilmore Raddles
Regular Reed Slot Raddle: These raddles are made to replace the reed in the reed slot on the Beater Bar.  They are made of maple and the dowels are spaced on 1" centers..There lengths vary for the different loom weaving widths.
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Front/Back Raddle: The Front/Back Raddle is a raddle that can be mounted on either the front (breast) beam or the back top beam. It will fit all "Gilmore" and "Compact" series looms. When mounted on the beams it can be set to be an open raddle or a closed raddle. It comes with a set of special clamps that will not hurt the beams. It can also take the place of the reed in the shuttle race reed slot.Price Information
Open Raddle
Closed Raddle

Some Advice for Weaving with an Inkle Loom
1. It is important to have your warp wrapped properly onto the Warping Beam. With Cloth/Warp Beam Inkle Looms you can make much longer warps than a "continuous warp" Inkle, and when weaving you will want your warp tight. As you wrap the warp on try to keep it flattened out and firmly wrapped. Use separators for the different layers. Short pieces of Venetian blinds are ideal, and wood "craft sticks" will also work (though thicker). The separators should extend past "limiters" (dowel pegs on the Inkle/Belt looms, Warping U Brackets on the Lap Loom, and adjustable steel pins on the Wave) so the warp threads will not spread out past and over the ends of the separators.
2. The warp fibers in Inkle weaving go through string or Texsolv heddles. This puts them very close together. With a tight warp and fibers against each other some fibers slide easily, but some are "sticky" and do not slide easily against each other when making your SHED. If they do resist you simply have to run your finger along the area the fibers are shifting through, loosening them up, as you switch layers for the shed. This works for any Inkle Loom using handmade string heddles (photo
A), or the Wave loom or Texsolv Inkle Tower looms (photo B).
Warp Tensioner
The Warp Tensioner attaches to the back top beam of a "Gilmore" or Compact series loom. It comes with two cards that are used for different sized threads. By varying the way you wrap the threads around the guide dowels you can vary the tension of the treads for sectional warping. Price Information



Front Beam Cloth Pocket
This pocket is made to fit a "Gilmore" or Compact series loom. A sturdy cloth is supported by steel bars and hardwood maple ends. This allows you to have all your shuttles and accessories within easy reach. It is easily removed as needed. The mounting brackets for the 40" and 46" looms are a wood clamping system shown in photo A. The mounting brackets for the 26" and 32" looms are a cushioned metal and Velcro system shown in photo B.
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Opened dimensions:
38" long
26" wide or depth
37" high
Approximately 27 Lbs.

Watch video Below to learn
more about the DORY Shuttle
Watch video Below to learn
more about the DORY Bobbin
and Quill Winder
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**The DORY Shuttle comes with 1 Bobbin or Quill System**
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*Both the Bobbin and the Quill System are interchangeable within the * *SAME Shuttle, so you only need one shuttle to use either or both.        *