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Now available in 3 models, the Waves are ORIGINAL universal and uniquely designed STRONG portable looms from the Gilmore Loom Company. They will easily weave and hold up for all high tension or general weaving work. This and their ease of operation make them ideal for all Inkle, Band, Tapestry, Bead, Card, and many other styles of weaving.
Used as an Inkle or Band weaving Loom:
    Normally Inkle looms use a looped string as a heddle and the warp thread must go over a post down to the string heddle where it is held tightly and then must turn at a sharp angle. This makes it difficult to use many finer threads as a warp. The Waves, however, use standard Texsolv heddles and the warp threads float through an eye thus allowing even the finer threads to be used. Since there is no reed or rigid heddle the string heddles allow the woven fabric to be as tight together as the size of the individual warp threads, and each "shaft" can hold hundreds of heddles.
    A shed is created on a standard Inkle loom by moving of the warp threads through the other half and then making the shed completely by stretching those threads up or down with your finger. A Wave's counterbalance Heddle Tower creates the shed by lifting the warp threads either up or down and the other half in the opposite direction creating a much larger shed without as much stress or stretch.
    Waves have a positive breaking system that is created with metal ratchet gears and a dog/pawl system, and utilizes both a strong maple Warp Beam and a strong maple Cloth Beam. Cloth and Warp Beam handles are positioned on both sides of the loom to allow strong easy tightening. From the Warp Beam the warp goes over a 1 " thick maple Top Bar in the back through the heddles and then woven cloth goes over a 1 " thick maple Front "Breast" Bar and then to the Cloth Beam.
    Developing a tight warp on a loom can often cause problems with the thread layers on the Warping Beam. Using paper, slats, or other material between the layers will prevent the tight threads from sinking into each other. But even using spacers can still cause the sides of the threads to spread outward with a dome appearance. As the outer edge threads spread they loose their tension compared to the other threads. To prevent this a the Big Wave's and Small Wave's Warp Beams have 8 adjustable stainless steel pins, and the Mini Wave has "U" Brackets, that create adjustable width edges that hold the warp inward and keeps it from spreading.
    Each Wave comes with an Instructional DVD, 200 mounted heddles (100 per frame), 2 lease sticks, and a strong shuttle. Extra heddles (see Specifications Table below) ordered with the Big Wave or Small Wave are also mounted without extra charge.
    The Big Wave and Small Wave are shipped with the Heddle Tower removed. The Heddle Tower is easily reassembled with 6 screws.  Otherwise the Waves come assembled and are all finished with clear lacquer and wax coating. Heddles come already mounted on the Heddle Tower.
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OPTIONAL Add-ons for the Big Wave and Small Wave include:
    A STAND available for either the Big Wave or the Small Wave that allows the weaver
to sit in a chair, or weave in a vertical position on a table (Description below).
    A REED HOLDER and a RADDLE (Descriptions below).
Big Wave
Small Wave
Mini Wave
Maximum Weaving Width
9 1/2 inches
5 1/2 inches
4 inches
Weaving Area Length
(from heddles to inside front beam)
13 1/2 inches
9 1/2 inches
7 inches
Overall Length
25 inches
19 3/4 inches
16 inches
Overall Width
15 inches
11 inches
8 inches
15 1/2 inches
15 1/2 inches
13 inches
Basic Weight
14 lbs.
10 lbs.
6 lbs.
Shuttle Length
15 inches
11 inches
6 inches

(Waves come with 100 heddles per
Maximum # of heddles that
can fit per frame
Max. 300 per
600 total
Max. 200 per
400 total
Max. 100 per frame
or 200 total
(Standard included)

To view the full
Instructional video in two parts on click on PLAY for either part ................> 
Wave Loom Specifications
All of the Waves can be used for card or tablet weaving by bringing the warp over the top Heddle Beam. The Big Wave and Small Wave have more width and more room to the Front Beam than the Mini Wave. But even the Mini Wave lap loom can be used for card weaving.
Small Wave
Mini Wave
Wave Raddle
For the Big Wave and Small Wave loom.
for ease in laying out and winding on a warp and spreading and grouping for card weaving.

The beautiful Wave Raddle is made of maple wood with 1/8 stainless steel pins up 1, and on 1/2
centers. 20 spaces on the Big Wave and 12 spaces on the Small Wave. The Raddle has a slotted top that can be attached over the pins to seal in threads running through it. Both the slotted top and the Raddle are attached to and removed from the Wave Tower Top with industrial strength Velcro.
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Wave Raddle with the top on
Instructions for the MINI Wave are the same as the other Waves (see video below). However, there is an additional set of directions because Sectional Strips are used to confine the warp instead of the "L" brackets used on the Big and Little Waves.
(click here for the additional Mini Wave instructions)
If you wish to look at a summary and photos of the Instructional video
click here
The Stand mounted on a
Gilmore Inkle/Belt Loom
The Stand mounted on a
Gilmore Big Wave Loom
Wave Reed Holder
For the Big Wave and Small Wave loom.
USED for open face weave, tapestry weaving, and other weaving where you want the warp fibers to be separated evenly.

The Wave Reed Holder is made of two maple End Brackets that slide over the end of a standard floor loom reed (usually 5-5 1/2 high), and a comes with a stainless steel reed (specify dent). They are
attached with industrial strength Velcro.
A pair of Reed Posts are included. These allow you to move and hold the reed away from the heddles when you sley the reed. Then simply slide the reed back and attach it to the Heddle Tower
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Reed Holder in weaving position.
Reed Holder in sleying position
"Click Here to download a ZIP File of the QuickTime version of the Wave Instructional Video.The file is 90MB and, depending on your speed, might take a while to download."
"Click Here to download a QuickTime version of the Wave Instructional Video.The file is 91MB and, depending on your speed, might take a while to download."

Shuttle holding shed open on the Big Wave
WAVE and Weavings PHOTOS
Shuttle holding shed open on the Small Wave
Big Wave with 9 inch wide warp
Mini Wave with warp set
Mini Waves set up for Card Weaving
Mini Wave with weaving
Mini Wave with yards of band weaving
Weaving Samples done on Wave Looms
Weaving on the Mini Wave
Portable Loom Stand
This stand is made of hard maple and mounts to the bottom of the Gilmore Inkle Loom, the Big Wave, the Small Wave and will fit other table looms. (It will not fit the Mini Wave.) It is easy to mount with 4 screws to the bottom of any table or portable loom with a solid bottom of at least 3/4 inch thick. The length is adjustable so you can use your loom while sitting in a chair, or couch. It can also be used to weave vertically on a table. The pivot axles can be adjusted so they swing tightly or loosely. This makes it easy to work from a sitting position and allows you to rock back and forth with your weaving movements. When not in use the whole assembly folds up under the loom and only adds about 1 inch under the loom.
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Mini Wave Tote Bag (which ever of the two is currently  available ):
Click on image to the right for further description >>>
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Big Wave with Navajo weaving
7 Yard warp on a Mini Wave
Celtic Knot weaving on a Mini Wave
Pick-up weave on a Mini Wave
Introducing the DORY SHUTTLE
This is a mini boat shuttle that can hold yards of weft on a removable bobbin. Designed for Wave/Inkle weaving it has a wedge shaped edge for packing the weft. To learn more about this amazing shuttle click HERE
Baltic pick-up band on a Big Wave
Big Wave card weaving- small cards- knitting sport yarn, 96 ends, 5 yards
Using knit stitch markers for "heddle count" on Mini
Ribbon woven on a Big Wave
Big Wave
Mini Wave
WAVE Hybrid/Inkle Looms

                      ***Wave series looms***
Because of the high interest and number of orders for Big, Small, and Mini Wave looms we are NO LONGER TAKING NEW ORDERS FOR THEM until we are caught up with current work.There is no Waiting List. Hopefully in a few months we can open another window for Wave loom orders at which time this message will be removed.