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Gilmore Looms
1032 N. Broadway Ave.
Stockton, CA 95205-3928
Phone: (209) 463-1545
   In the 1930's Mr. E. Gilmore decided he could make a better loom than the counterbalanced looms of the time. He figured out a way to lift the harnesses from the bottom. As a foot treadle was stepped on it pulled down on a lam, which in turn pulled jacks that lifted the harness. Combinations of harnesses could be lifted at the same time with each treadle. Thus the "jack loom" was invented and Mr. Gilmore got his first loom system patent in 1933, and started Gilmore Looms in 1936. Through the years he modified and patented several more
times in the U.S. (1941 and 1946) and in Canada. Today many other loom makers use the same "jack loom" system.
     The original loom manufacturing shop was located in downtown Stockton, California. The tools were mostly run by belt drive off one large motor. In 1956 the company moved to its present location, just outside the Stockton City limits. Much of the original machinery was brought to the new site. Today these tools, many of which are over 100 years old, are lovingly cared for and still make up the core of the manufacturing process. (photos of Shop and Tools)
    Gilmore looms have always been made of the finest of solid wood. Each part is still made by hand, goes through several sanding processes, and is hand coated with lacquer. The fine craftsmanship and strength give these looms the ability to weave from fine light threads to heavy yarns.
    Thousands of Gilmore looms have been sold throughout the United States. Some of the first looms are still being used by weavers today. If you wish to see a Gilmore loom you only need to find a weaving guild. Someone in the guild will have a Gilmore.
    Today Gilmore Looms is a family owned business. The looms are not sold to stores for resale. They are built to customer's orders, with care, one at a time.  If you wish to visit us in Stockton feel free to drop by. Our hours are usually from 9:00 to 4:00 weekdays, but it is always good to call first. You can also reach us and make an appointment outside of the regular hours.
    In 2006 the local Stockton newspaper, The Record, did an article on our business. If you click on this link
you should be able to jump out to it and read more about us.

    Happiest of weaving always,
        Bob and Judy Allen
Special Note:
Keeping with the family tradition of fine crafts is our daughter Marci. Her designs, quality bead work, and jewelry have acquired a large base of enthusiasts. Take a moment and visit Krafty Max Originals webpage at:
Where We Are Located

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